Okay guys, I just discovered something amazing today, so cool, it blew my mind. Here is the story:

About 2.5 years ago I made some Henry Cavill themed wallpapers, using my own photo edits of various pics/screencaps of him, and I posted them on my personal Picasa gallery for everyone to download and enjoy.

One of those edits/wallpapers was the 1st (top) pic on this post, an Immortals edit. You can see my "" tag on the bottom left of the pic.

Well guys, guess what??!! This same wallpaper, my edit, with my tag and all, was used by the Henry Cavill Managment Team as a pic for his official autograph signing! The signed pic was sent by mail to the fans who requested a HC autograph. It’s the 2nd (bottom) pic on this post, you can see my tag on it, LOL!!! I found this autograph on this post on “” forum, it’s totally legit.

Lol, Henry signing one of my edits, how cool is that?? :DDD

EDIT: It seems highly possible that this pic was a print of my wallpaper, made by the fan and sent to Henry by mail, who signed it and mailed it back. Which means it may not have been a standard autograph pic used regularly by his team in 2013 and earlier, but just a random fan-printed pic, that happened to be my edit. Sorry for misleading you, guys, it may not be such a big deal after all… :((

My brother has THE perfect job, he works at the film studios in my town. They’re one of the biggest ones in the UK and he gets to meet some amazing actors.


I’m so stupidly jealous, I need to work there! I will work there, after uni I’m 100% applying.

Today for example he had lunch with Henry Cavill yet a bloody gain. This man, I love him, like I actually adore everything about him. My brother said he’s the nicest actor he’s met yet (close behind Tom Cruise)

For those die hard Cavillry followers, Henry had Chilli, sweet corn and brocolli for lunch, just incase you wanted to know ;)